Hi! My name is Michelle. I’m a designer and photographer specializing in beautiful brand and design that gets noticed. I received my web design degree over 10 years ago and have been helping small businesses and organizations market themselves ever since. I create beautiful designs with my clients in mind. I try to keep the design process easy to understand and will take care of the techie side of things. I know that you might be overwhelmed at the thought of setting up your online presence. I'm here to help! :)

This is a boutique design studio meaning that I only accept a limited amount of design projects. I can then give each of my clients personal attention. Because of this, I only accept projects that I am really excited about. If you’re a creative, in the beauty/wedding industry,  or are a blogger, please contact me to discuss your project.




....in providing a service that helps others have a brand and website that they can be proud if. I also believe that this should not be a confusing or an overly technical process for you. I'll take care of the technical side of things making your life easier. 




  • I started learning about web design from a book my dad bought in the ’90’s.
  • I graduated with a degree in Multimedia with a Web Design specialization in 2003.
  • I try to list things I'm grateful for every day.
  • I’m constantly learning new things.
  • Amazon Prime holds a special place in my heart. ;)
  • I love clean, beautiful design.
  • I was inches away from literally running into Chuck Norris. Awwkk-ward!
  • I am kind of in love with macaroni and cheese....and enchiladas. 
  • I think it's important to be kind, genuine, and honest.
  • Gilmore Girls and While You Were Sleeping are two of my favorites. 
  • Thankful for everything God has blessed me with. <3
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