Kind Words

Here are a few kind words from some amazing people I have had the honor to work with. 


"As a creator, which we all are, when you find someone who is able to listen to your visual desires, is an absolute joy and brightness to work with, and who actually cares about making you the website of your dreams, you know you’ve struck gold. And Michelle Guzman is that gold. Pure gold! She is honestly one of my favorite creators to work with, so much so, it was an ease and joy to allow her freedom when taking on my project: she drew me custom illustrations, took photos, and made my website exactly how I envisioned it. I highly recommend her services!".



"We absolutely LOVED working with Michelle! She is definitely the best Web Designer in all the land! Her top priority was making sure our website was everything we wanted. She went above and beyond with every aspect of it. She explained everything along the way which was so helpful to us since we are pretty new to the whole blogging world! She responded quickly to our emails and questions and always made sure to double check with us before doing something. We have never even met her but consider her a great friend! She was personal and we felt like she actually cared about what we were passionate about rather than just going through the motions to make money. We are so grateful for her and can honestly not say enough about how wonderful she is!".




Michelle was fabulous to work with, ever patient and flexible! I cannot say enough positive things about my experience.

I was extremely hesitant to work with another graphic designer as not one, but TWO designers  took my money and never finished the work. (Nightmare!)

Thankfully, I found Michelle. She held my hand throughout the process, understood my needs, listened to my requests, while still meeting the deadline.




"I had a blog for a long time, but I never wrote in it because I hated the way it looked.  The design I did myself never read right, and the more I hated it, the less work I did with it.  Then, I read a blog post on Paleo Mama, talking about how much she liked Michelle and how great a job she was doing with the redesign of her site. 

When I reached out to Michelle, she was kind about budgetary restraints and helped me pick and choose exactly what was going to be right for both my wallet and my site.  Admittedly, I was nervous about paying up front because I had heard of people taking money but never doing the work.  But from day 1 Michelle was organized and professional.  She was responsive to emails, always told me when something might cost more to do it a certain way, and gave me advice on how to turn my design ideas into something functional and readable.

All in all, Michelle was a dream to work with, and is now the site I always wanted it to be!"